4 Smart Tips for Students to Excel in Exams

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Often, those who don’t get good marks wonder how the strong students manage to achieve almost cent percent. Actually, their success doesn’t lie in having extra brains but the way they study. Here are some smart tips that will help any student to excel in exams.

  1. Get Rid of Obvious Distractions: Your mobile phone is the biggest distractor today, so keep it away from you when you plan to sit for study. All gadgets like your laptop, smartphone and iPad should be off limits or else you will be tempted to look at something or the other and get distracted. Also, make yourself inaccessible to people so that no one can indulge you in a chat.
  2. Study According to Exam: Different exams require different strategies like the approach for a multiple-choice question paper will be different from a subjective paper. Also, your strategy should take into account the time you have at hand.
  3. Make Use of Mnemonic Device: There are various types of mnemonic devices that can be used as a memory tool. You can make use of a mnemonic phrase, rhyme or an image to remember things. As all devices don’t work for everyone, you need to figure out what works best for you and stick to it.
  4. Stress Busters: The word ‘exam’ in itself creates enough of stress for the students. A little stress can be a positive motivator, but in excess, it is bound to impact your performance negatively. So, take regular breaks during the preparation and keep yourself indulged in activities that relax you at a regular interval.

Exam times are trying times. Everyone feels that extra bit of pressure when they are just around the corner, but those who deal with it in the right way do well in both the exams and life in general. Understand the way your body and mind react to pressure and find ways to deal with it positively.

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