Top 4 Educational Apps for Students

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Now distance isn’t a barrier to get quality education. You just require a smartphone and smooth internet connection. There are numerous apps that can give you perfect education. Here are the top four educational apps for students:


To get expert knowledge remains just a dream of many because they don’t have access to institutions like McGill, MIT, IIT, etc. EdX is the best choice that you can easily resort to. It fulfills the dream of getting all that which was out of reach before. You just require a smartphone and this app would provide in-depth knowledge and higher education. You can even have a certificate depending upon your capability. Through EdX, it’s very convenient to take part in quizzes, listen to online lectures, take assignments & complete course by using your own skills.


The specialty of Udacity is that it doesn’t only offer you a platform to enhance your knowledge but it also gives you a verified platform to earn money with your knowledge & exquisite skills. Here, you can launch your project after learning & earn. It’s the best app for students who want to acquire knowledge from online courses in free and want to get work in Information Technology. The students can make a choice amongst various topics and get expert feedback along with verified certification and coaching.


Just like its name, Brainscape works to sharpen your brain. In Brainscape, repetition of each concept helps to retain everything excellently in your mind. You can rate your knowledge of a particular concept, and Brainscape will automatically judge your learning level and accordingly give next quiz. You can find, create and share flashcards for free. However, if you take a subscription for a lifetime for $80, you can get easy access to various things, like, card reversibility, bookmarks, flashcards without ads, browse mode etc.


This app is extremely helpful for making your writings professional. It guides you to improve the write-ups by not only showing you your mistakes but also assisting you in making the write-up perfect. You can easily identify grammatical mistakes and improve your writing style. It is totally free, however, you can upgrade it to premium level by paying $10 per month and this will give you the extreme benefits too.

These were the best educational applications of today. With rapid strands in technology, who knows which of these apps would survive the upcoming competition in the education sector.

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